System Modernization

System Modernization

Modernize enterprise applications with focus on improved services and data management.


SM-01: Develop a list of key enterprise systems and develop roadmaps centered upon improved service to customers and partner with business owners  to implement.

SM-02: Bolster the investments in existing, large platforms to further expand and extend usage of such platforms across the greater organization to maximize value. Provide support resources to enable community adoption, consistency, and development partnerships.    

SM-03: Develop master data management strategies for new system implementations.

SM-04: Develop data management and reporting methodology for new system implementations.

SM-05: Deliver solutions at the ‘speed of business’ through the adoption and adherence to DevOps and agile development practices to ensure agility and responsiveness. 

SM-06: Create value for our partners by building a practice of business process management to discover, analyze, model, measure, improve, and automate business processes. 

SM-07: Adopt and build competency in transformative technologies like robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics to create and advance organizational success.

SM-08: Craft a community based engagement team to create a ‘can do’ culture and assist departments with technology acquisitions to achieve overall implementation success and alignment with best practices.