Identity & Access

Identity & Access

Create and implement the framework, policies, processes, and technology needed to control access to system and data based on roles.


IAM-01: Technical Service Registry and Application Inventory: Develop and implement an interim technical service registry and application inventory to help with access control management and reporting.  Migrate to the inventory in GM-06 when ready.

IAM-02: Web Access Control and Data Transparency. Develop and implement enhanced and more granular centralized access control.  Define roles and responsibilities.

IAM-03: Grouper and Persona/Role Expansion: Integrate and update grouper systems.  Add job codes/positions.

IAM-04: Web Access Control Reporting and Expansion: Migrate Institute Applications to Central Identity Services – Authentication, Authorization Rules, Permissions Transparency, Access Control, Provisioning, and Deprovisioning. 

IAM-05: GTED Access Control and Lifecycle Improvements: Design and implement central authorization for GTED integrated applications, remove unsponsored, former people from GTAD and other servies that don’t support central authorization

IAM-06: IAM Service Improvements: Training, resources, documentation