Governance & Management

Governance & Management

Create and implement the structure, policies, processes, and technology needed to appropriately identify, govern, and manage data and IT assets.

What Has Been Done

The Data Governance team has completed several key steps to ensure that Georgia Tech’s data is governed, managed, secured, and complaint.  To date, the team has:

  • Created and formalized a data governance structure, including committees and roles with assigned responsibilities.
  • Created and published data governance related polices, guidelines, procedures, and resources.

Currently the team is working on several initiatives to further Data Excellence. The foundation of these initiatives will be a data discovery effort. Throughout Data Discovery, a team of analysts will work with application owners to understand all of the data stored within each business application, how this data is accessed, and who has access to the data. 

Much of the information gathered during the Data Discovery effort will feed into the implementation of a data management platform.  The platform will inventory data assets (e.g., business application catalog), manage the entry and maintenance of assets, provide easy discovery of assets, and enhance the capabilities of access/security/privacy. This platform will enable Georgia Tech to better track and utilize the wealth of data collected from across the institute and provide better data services to customers.