Georgia Tech Strives for Data Excellence

Cybersecurity Training, Endpoint Security, and Data Governance Plans Underway

Georgia Tech is taking steps to reshape its data strategy as part of the multi-year, multi-phase Data Excellence initiative.

Guided by the Institute Strategic Plan (ISP), Data Excellence supports Georgia Tech’s objectives to be a leader in leveraging data analytic tools and processes to inform decision-making, as well as an example in the protection, management, and governance of data. These objectives inform the pillars of Data Excellence – management, protection, and value – and will guide the work to be done in the following strategic areas:   

  1. Customer engagement.
  2. Governance and management. 
  3. Security, privacy, and risk.
  4. Data services. 
  5. Identity and access.
  6. System modernization.

Comprised of leaders and experts across the Institute, the Data Excellence steering committee has identified a series of projects and process changes, many required by University System of Georgia (USG) policy, to support each focus area. Policy-related projects that are currently underway include:

Endpoint Security Compliance Campaign
The Endpoint Security campaign includes controls that add a layer of security to devices that connect to networks that may otherwise make them vulnerable to cyberattacks.
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Fall Cybersecurity Training
The USG requires cybersecurity training on a biannual basis for all employees. Georgia Tech’s Fall Cybersecurity Training is scheduled to begin Tuesday, Aug. 31, and end Friday, Sept. 24.
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Enterprise Data Governance
The Data Governance committee is charged with guiding policy and business processes to ensure that Institute data is governed, managed, secured, and compliant.
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The Data Excellence steering committee, led by Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Daren Hubbard, aspires to transform data governance and management practices, and reimagine how data is leveraged to tell stories and drive important decisions. The team also strives to establish a culture around data security and privacy that applies ownership and responsibility to each member of the Georgia Tech community.

“In recent conversations around cyber and data security, many of my peers have heard me say that ‘Jackets protecting jackets goes beyond our response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It becomes a way of life for how we protect the Institute and its valuable assets from compromise,’” Hubbard said. “Through our Data Excellence initiative, we are working toward this culture of shared ownership not only in how we protect data, but also in the transformative work that we do to enable global change.”

The committee has coordinated a robust engagement schedule to keep stakeholders informed and up to date on Data Excellence projects.

“I am excited to partner with faculty, staff, and students to advance these critical efforts and redefine the data strategy for Georgia Tech,” said Hubbard.

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Malynda Dorsey
Director of IT Marketing & Communications