Data Days


elements for data xWhat is Data Days?

Georgia Tech Data Days is a weeklong series of sessions and collaborative events that center around the value, management and protection of data at the Institute. A signature event of the Data Excellence initiative, GT Data Days includes three days of interactive workshops and trainings followed by a culmination event that features keynotes, poster sessions, and live demos.

Schedule for the Week

Data Days Sessions –  Join us Tuesday, Oct. 11, through Thursday, Oct. 13, for any session using the information below! Please note that some sessions are virtual and some are hybrid. 

Data Days Symposium – Registration for the Data Days Symposium has closed.

Missed a Session?

View missed sessions from the week by following the link below!

Tuesday, Oct. 11: What is Data?

Day includes: Discussions around how data is defined at Georgia Tech, the teams that manage enterprise data, and what participants can expect for the rest of the week.

Virtual Fireside Chat with Daren Hubbard
This kickoff session discusses how data is defined at Georgia Tech, highlights from the Data Excellence initiative, and what participants can expect throughout the week.
Location: Join Here>> | Time: 11 to 11:30 AM

Data Services: I Need Data. Now What? Where Do I Start?
This session provides an introduction to Enterprise Data Services and how the team partners with departments to design custom dashboards and reports.
Location: Join the Session Here>> |  Time: 1 to 1:45 PM

GTRI Metrics App Case Study
This session highlights a case study of how Enterprise Data Services capabilities are used by partnering teams to deliver services to their customers.

Location: Join the Session Here>> | Time: 2 to 2:45 PM

Wednesday, Oct. 12 : Data Value

Day includes: Discussions around how various types of data can be leveraged to tell stories, inform important decisions, and plan. The day also explores how Institute data is reported internally and externally.

Morning Data Mini-Sessions

These 45-minute sessions provide a quick dive into how different data sets are leveraged across the Institute to inform student success and outcomes, advance finance and human resource planning, and highlight key research activities.

Location: Join a Session Here>> | Times Below

Student Data – 9 to 9:45 AM
Finance Data – 9:45 to 10:30 AM
HR Data – 10:30 to 11:15 AM
Research Administration Data – 11:15 AM to Noon

Institutional Research Presentation

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning performs a variety of data services to support campus decision-making, planning, accreditation, and other institutional initiatives, as well as reporting to government bodies, college guide publishers, and other public entities. This presentation briefly showcases how GT data flows through the institution to these internal and external stakeholders.

Location: Coda Building, Ninth Floor Atrium | Join Virtually Here >> | Time: 1:30 to 2:15 PM

Panel Discussion on Distributed Development

This panel discussion highlights how departments and offices across Georgia Tech leverage business intelligence tools to build custom reports within their respective units.

Location: Coda Building, Ninth Floor Atrium | Join Virtually Here >> | Time 2:30 to 3:30 PM

Salesforce Tableau Training with Tips and Tricks

This session is presented by the vendor, Salesforce Tableau, and provides a high-level training on data visualization tools offered through its platform.

Location: Coda Building, Ninth Floor Atrium | Join Virtually Here >> | Time: 3:30 to 4:30 PM

Thursday, Oct. 13 : Data Management and Protection

Day includes: Discussions around approved policies, standards, and procedures for ensuring the proper management, security, and privacy of Institute data. 

Data Governance & Management: Distributed Stewardship of Data
Each Georgia Tech employee leverages data in some way. This session focuses on responsible stewardship and the mechanisms that are in place to ensure data is managed properly across the Institute. View Downloadable Resources >>

Location: Coda Building, Ninth Floor Atrium | Join Virtually Here >> | Time: 10 to 10:45 AM

Storing and Sharing Data Best Practices and Real-Time Application
This session focuses on approved methods for storing and sharing Institute data at Georgia Tech. The session also highlights sound standards that can be introduced across departments to ensure these methods are in place. 

Location: Coda Building, Ninth Floor Atrium | Join Virtually Here >> | Time: 11 AM to Noon

Panel Discussion on Data Security and Privacy
This session features a panel discussion on how offices have collaborated over the past three years to institute policies and procedures that minimize the risk of data compromise at Georgia Tech.

Location: Coda Building, Ninth Floor Atrium | Join Virtually Here >> | 1 to 2 PM

Splunk Common Use Cases for Data in Higher Education
This session is presented by the vendor, Splunk, and provides a deep dive into visualization and reporting capabilities offered through Splunk’s business intelligence suite.

Location: Coda Building, Ninth Floor Atrium | Join Virtually Here >> | 2:30 to 3:30 PM


Friday, Oct. 14: Excellence in Data at Georgia Tech

Data Days Symposium – Global Learning Center

8 to 10 AM
Breakfast and Registration

8 to 10 AM
Poster Sessions | Submit a Poster Presentation>>

Vendor Showcase

Enterprise Data Services Showcase

10 AM to 12:15 PM
Program Welcome

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Talitha Washington
About Keynote Speaker >>

Panel Discussion, Data Excellence Steering Committee

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Phyllis Schneck
About Keynote Speaker >>

12:15 to 1:15 PM

1:15 to 2 PM
Poster Recognitions
What’s Next in Data Excellence?
Closing Remarks