CIO Blog – Data Excellence

As we start a new academic year, we not only welcome new team members into the Office of Information Technology. We also formally introduce the multi-phase, multi-year Data Excellence initiative at Georgia Tech. I’m extremely excited to share details around this initiative, which directly supports the Institute Strategic Plan and brings together leaders from across the Institute to address “all things data”.

What is Data Excellence?
Our approach to Data Excellence is rooted in three pillars:

  • Management – Sound governance and management of data underpin its access, security, and use across the Institute.
  • Protection – Security and privacy of data safeguards information from compromise, corruption, or loss.
  • Value – Data helps drive important decision making and empowers us to tell amazing stories.

These pillars are foundational to our success and guide the work that is being done in six focus areas of Data Excellence. The six areas include:

  1. Security, Privacy & Risk;
  2. Governance & Management; 
  3. Data Services; 
  4. System Modernization;
  5. Identity & Access; and
  6. Customer Engagement.

Comprised of leaders and experts across the Institute, the Data Excellence steering committee has identified a series of projects and process changes to support each of these focus areas. I am honored to lead this committee, which aspires to not only transform our data governance and management practices, but reimagine how data is leveraged to make decisions and drive positive change. We also strive to establish a culture around data security and privacy that applies ownership and responsibility to each member of the Georgia Tech community. In recent conversations around cyber and data security, many of my peers have heard me say that “Jackets protecting jackets goes beyond our response to the Covid-19 pandemic; it becomes a way of life for how we protect the Institute and its valuable assets from compromise.” 

Over the academic year, please expect a series of communications and planned engagement around various Data Excellence year-one priorities, including Endpoint Security Compliance, Governance, Cybersecurity Training, and a signature data awareness event. I am excited to work with each of you to make this program a success and I hope that you are, too.

I invite you to check out the Data Excellence Website at