Call for Posters





We are accepting poster submissions for the Data Days Symposium! Submit proposal by Friday, October 13.

Poster sessions provide an excellent opportunity for students, faculty, researchers, and staff to showcase expertise and innovative projects with attendees through a physical poster display. The poster presenter visits with attendees as they stop by their poster to explain and discuss their topic. Poster sessions are more informal and interactive than traditional symposium sessions, allowing for more personal connections to be made. See requirement details below.

Poster Submission Details

  • Who should submit a poster?

    Posters submissions are welcome from any Georgia Tech team, student, faculty member, researcher, or staff member who would like to showcase an interesting project or assignment that required the use of data analytics and reporting to drive important outcomes. We also welcome poster submissions that center around data security, privacy, or management.

  • Topics can include: 

    Use of valuable insights to increase in a particular campaign, Use of data to drive adoption/influence behaviors, Initiatives launched to enhance data security, etc.

  • When is the deadline to submit? 

    The submission form for the poster session will close on Friday, October 13.  This will give the presenter enough time to finalize their posters and have them printed before the symposium.

  • Submission Expectations: 

    Submissions should include: 1.) the Title of the poster presentation; 2.) a 250-500 word abstract on what the poster presentation will cover; and 3.) the name of each presenter. Posters should be 36*48 (portrait) or 48*36 (landscape) and be printed on form board to ensure sturdiness. An easel will be provided for presenters on the day of the symposium.