Data Services 0 – Data Services Contents (569)

Data Services

Define and implement a portfolio of data services which leverage data assets and expertise to promote a data informed culture.


DS-01: Define guiding principles for data access and usage. Create a structure for enterprise role-based personas.

DS-02: Identify customers, identify services, and develop a strategy for engagement, technology, training, access, and support.

DS-03: Provide improved reporting, analytics, and ad-hoc capabilities through simplified and convenient access.

DS-04: Strategically expand the enterprise data warehouse and data lake to support reporting and analytics requirements.

DS-05: Create unified technology stack for data services tools

DS-06: Prioritize and resource internal team efforts around training, developing new capabilities, and research into new technologies.

DS-07: Promote data knowledge through training, support and community building. 

DS-08: Provide data services tools to support customers.

DS-09: Understand customer service gaps and provide consulting services to assist customers in their data needs.

DS-10: Streamline and improve the transparency of data service an auditable process of requests and approvals 

DS-11: Develop and implement an integration strategy that includes technology, in-take mechanisms, tracking, development methodology, standards, staffing, and approvals.

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