Customer Engagement 2 – Projects (632)


CE-01: Develop, implement, and maintain an organizational change management strategy to inform, socialize, and prepare customers for data-related change, fully understand current state, gaps, and ideal state.

CE-02: Develop, implement, and maintain a communication plan and schedule for data related initiatives, solutions, and news.

CE-03: Develop, implement, and maintain a web presence to enhance and further support customer engagement efforts.

CE-04: Develop, implement, and maintain a data resource and services hub to facilitate knowledge articles, requests for information/support/access, and links to tools.

CE-05: Establish a training plan that identifies, develops and maintains a series of training modules based on customers that builds data management knowledge across the Institute and aligns with data-related roles.

CE-06: Create customer community/network with different subgroups (e.g., Advisory Group, Data SMEs Network, etc).

CE-07: Develop, implement, and maintain an on-going strategy for customer engagement and support for data.

CE-08: Develop, implement, and maintain an assessment program to monitor the usability and effectiveness of technology solutions, services, and training.

CE-09: Create an annual Institute data sharing and data awards event (#gtdataday)

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