Endpoint Security Compliance 2 – USG & Institute Requirements (470)

USG & Institute Requirements

For Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Student Employees

A recent USG audit yielded the need for significant improvements to Georgia Tech’s existing endpoint security program, including increased enforcement and compliance across the Institute. President Cabrera has requested that campus leadership work with their respective teams to ensure full attention and participation in the endpoint compliance effort and other efforts related to data security and protection.

Based on USG recommendations and contractual obligations, Georgia Tech is implementing controls in the phases below.

*Please note that endpoint compliance information may differ for employees in GTRI. Any necessary changes will be communicated by GTRI’s local IT department.

Georgia Tech’s Endpoint Management & Protection Program ensures secure management of all Institute-owned endpoint devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The endpoint program is supported within the Institute Strategic Plan’s Data Excellence Initiative as a Security, Privacy & Risk strategy. Each Data Excellence strategy advances efforts to build a culture around data security and privacy at Georgia Tech. 

Benefits of Endpoint Management & Protection

  • Protection against cyber threats
  • Simple self service installation and updating of GT-licensed software
  • Centralized process for applying patches and making updates
  • Compliance with university system policy, as endpoint management tools are configured to push settings enabling automatic compliance with policy
  • Faster, and sometimes automated, issue resolution

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