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Georgia Strategic Plan | Data Excellence

Pillars of Data Excellence at Georgia Tech


Sound governance and management of data underpin its access, security, and use across the Institute.


Security and privacy of data safeguards information from compromise, corruption, or loss.


Data helps drive important decision-making and empowers us to tell amazing stories

In the Works

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Data Excellence is rooted in a mission to not only transform data governance and management practices but reimagine how data is leveraged to make decisions and drive positive change. The initiative also drives a culture around data security and privacy that applies ownership and responsibility to each member of Georgia Tech.

Leading By Example

Guided by the Institute Strategic Plan (ISP), Data Excellence supports objectives to be a leader in leveraging data analytic tools and processes to inform decision-making and be an example in the protection, management, and governance of data. These objectives inform the pillars of Data Excellence and guide work in six strategy areas.

Develop and implement a strategy to build a community of practice that empowers individual and cross-collaborative awareness, engagement, training, access, and support to build a data-first culture.

Create and implement the structure, policies, processes, and technology needed to appropriately identify, govern, and manage data and IT assets.

Ensure appropriate and necessary privacy standards, security standards, and data regulations requirements are met to achieve an optimal balance between maximizing data assets usage versus managing risks related to data availability and utilization.

Define and implement a portfolio of data services which leverage data assets and expertise to promote a data-informed culture.

Create and implement the framework, policies, processes, and technology needed to control access to systems and data based on roles.

Modernize current technology with a focus on improved services and data management.


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